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If you are a member of the Faith Tribe, you may have heard about the Genie, DNANFT Project, and the DNANFT Coin. You may be wondering what these projects are and how they work. In this article, I will briefly explain the NFT and its uses, as well as the faith tribe. You can also learn more about the avatar creator, and other projects that have emerged in recent days.


The Genie of Meta Business is an entertainment startup that has raised $65 million in a Series B funding round. Genie is an early adopter of NFTs with its partnership with UMG and its ability to monetize user avatars. In addition to announcing celebrity partnerships with Justin Bieber and Rihanna, Genies has partnered with Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group to create avatars.

Faith Tribe

For those who want to buy a piece of Elvis memorabilia, Faith Tribe has an exciting announcement: a partnership with the estate of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. The new Elvis NFT will feature the first-ever on-chain version of the legendary icon. To purchase one of these incredibly rare items, simply visit the faith, sign up for their newsletter and wait for the release date on June 24th.

Genie’s DNANFT Project

The DNANFT project is a way to create healthier, more efficient buildings. By using a computerized design system, developers can create better structures without the use of a human brain. The DNANFT project also aims to reduce the negative environmental impact of construction. By 2050, the global housing inventory will need to double. Ultimately, this project may be little more than a souped-up version of SketchUp. But Google’s commitment to sustainable building goes far beyond healthy building materials.

Genie’s avatar creator

Genies is a new platform where people can create their own digital identity, known as avatars. These avatars are a representation of themselves in the online metaverse. They can do jobs and events without having to appear in person. For example, Rihanna and Justin Bieber used Genies avatars to announce their Christmas album on Amazon Music. They can also share their life events with their fans.

Genie’s interoperability with Facebook

In a world where Facebook is under antitrust scrutiny, the introduction of messaging interoperability is a handy way to reach out to friends using other services. Facebook, however, is not immune to scrutiny due to its market dominance. The development of messaging interoperability is a significant technical undertaking. Last year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg laid out his plans and started testing it with a small number of users.

Apple’s involvement

In an antitrust dispute with Apple, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney invoked the concept of a “metaverse” – a real-time computer-powered 3-D social media environment. The term is a metaphor for “Fortnite,” a popular online game that Apple banned from the iOS App Store last year. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has made no secret about his desire to increase e-commerce within Facebook apps. He’s not interested in helping Apple by paying a fee for every transaction within its Facebook apps.

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