Located in the city of Sugar Land, Texas, Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD) serves the community of Fort Bend County. Located on the east side of the Houston metropolitan area, the district has a mission of providing quality education in a safe environment. In order to do so, the district is committed to providing a variety of programs that will help students succeed, both academically and socially. Some of these programs include magnet schools, Dr. Whitbeck programs, and Skyward.

Fort Bend ISD

Located in Sugar Land, Texas, Fort Bend ISD is the largest school district in Fort Bend County. With more than 78,000 students, Fort Bend ISD has 51 elementary campuses, 15 middle schools, and 11 high schools. The district also operates two early literacy centers and offers a full-day prekindergarten program on 25 of its elementary campuses.

Fort Bend ISD is a nationally recognized school district with a wide array of innovative programs. The district also has a well-run police department and is accredited by the Texas Police Chiefs Association. In addition, Fort Bend ISD is committed to providing a safe learning environment for students and staff.

The district is also known for its Whole Child Health Initiative, which addresses the mental, physical, and social health of all students. The initiative has earned state and national awards.

Fort Bend ISD is also recognized for its Career and Technical Education programs. These programs expose students to real-world experiences, such as internships and guest speakers. The programs also encourage students to develop evolving attitudes and skills.


Founded by Jim King in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Skyward is an educational software company that has become widely used in more than 1700 K-12 school districts around the world. The company’s primary mission is to help create a sense of unity among schools and serve as a support system for students. It has also become a popular software application for HR professionals and CEOs.

FBISD Skyward is a school information system that allows teachers and parents to communicate securely. Its interface is user-friendly and can be accessed on most devices. It includes a parent resource center and links to additional educational resources. It allows teachers to create profiles for students and post announcements and assignments. In addition, it includes calendars and reports.

FBISD Skyward is also equipped with parental controls that restrict the amount of time a child can spend on the Internet. They can also set limits on certain apps, games, and movies. This makes it easy for parents to keep track of their child’s progress.

Magnet programs

Whether or not the Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD) will get to open its first STEM magnet school remains to be seen. The Texas titan has an ace in the hole in the form of Houston Community College (HCCL) and the University of Houston-Sugar Land (UHSL) who will play key roles in the nascent STEM magnet school. In fact, HCC and UHSL have already agreed to offer STEM-related courses in a few of the schools already on campus.

The FBISD is not immune to the school-recommendations-heavy horde, with four academies under transition. A handful of others were closed down due to low enrollment, as was the aforementioned academie. A few newcomers have opened in the span of a few years. As a result, the new school aficionados are already chomping at the bit.

A small sample of students has been selected to participate in a prestigious early college high school program. The school is also in the process of revamping its website, adding more of the same and enhancing its online presence.

Dr. Whitbeck

Described as a skilled leader and consensus builder, Dr. Whitbeck is the new director of the Fort Bend Independent School District. She will lead the eighth-largest school district in Texas. She will begin her new position in September of 2021.

She has a proven track record of success. She has led numerous initiatives that have been data-driven. She has also led programs that have improved student safety. She has been recognized at the state level as an innovative leader.

Whitbeck is known for her expertise in opening new campuses. Her campuses have been named Texas Exemplary High Schools and Texas Blue Ribbon Schools. She has also been recognized by the Career and Technical Education Association of Texas as a Career Technical Education Champion. She is an active member of many state committees that support public education in Texas. She has also led programs that have increased academic achievement.

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