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LAUSD’s Daily Pass System

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has a new way to track student test results. The new daily pass system works by using a web application that allows students and staff to enter their test results and answer health questions. The application was initially introduced in the spring and was used by roughly one in four students. But some parents and students were unhappy with the system, citing problems with the website and long waits to view test results.

The new daily pass system is designed to coordinate vaccinations and other health checks, like COVID tests. This is similar to a golden ticket in Willy Wonka, but for school districts. It also includes functions that are tied to contact tracing and COVID testing. The district’s daily pass system was designed to work on various devices, making it easier for teachers and parents to access the information they need.

Students and staff must take COVID-19 tests every week, and without a recent test result, LAUSD will send students home. To confirm that their test results are negative, students can visit the Daily Pass website, generate a QR code, and present it to a staffer at the entrance. Last Monday, however, LAUSD reported that the system crashed, causing long waits. Parents reacted with anger and confusion.

Thankfully, however, there are some glitches in the system. While it is possible to purchase an individual pass for your child, the website will only let you purchase one. The next day, the QR code will only be available to students logged into LAUSD’s system. However, parents can use their LAUSD login to log into the website. Aside from that, family members can log into their parent portal accounts to access Daily Pass.

Los Angeles Unified School District Students

All Los Angeles Unified School District students must have a negative Covid test within 14 days of orientation. In addition, students must show their Daily Pass every morning. Parents can even schedule COVID tests for their children. This way, parents can receive test results and messages on their child’s daily health status. They will also be able to check if they have received the correct vaccination. If they do not, they can call the Parent Portal.

LAUSD’s new daily pass system

LAUSD’s new daily pass system is a good thing, as it ensures that students get the services they need to be successful. This system is free and convenient, and will make it easier for parents and students to access their schools. During the early part of the school year, parents and students can take advantage of more services and amenities to help students succeed. And with the addition of free lunch and after-school programs, Venice schools can finally get back on track.

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